Balanced Encounter Set



Not quite ready to commit to a signature scent? Váhy's Balanced Encounter set means you don't have to. Take the time to discover your favourite fragrance with this sample set featuring 6 x 3mL spray atomizers - one for each of Váhy's six scents. The base of these samplers is organic cane alcohol. The six scents are:

Desert Nōmad Vanilla — Sandalwood — Tropical

Isle of Blanc Marine — Patchouli — Citrus

Midníght Ruze Rose — Peppercorn — Vetiver

Luna Bergamot — Ylang Ylang — Patchouli

Bohème Geranium — Cedarwood — Petitgrain

Dusk Amour Ginger — Citrus — Cardamom



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