The foundational pillars that shape both our editorial direction and our product curation are intrinsic to the Australian identity: Human Craft (a step away from the industrial, and appreciation of local workmanship and the beauty of imperfection), Nature’s Rhythms (spotlighting pure materials, and an alignment with the great outdoors and great indoors alike) and Maximal Minimalism (quiet pleasures and personal luxury - where texture, colour and silhouette work together in delicate harmonies).



We do not believe that wasteful, fast fashion is good for you or the environment. We prefer to encourage you to buy less and invest in quality. Showroom-X takes care to select pieces for our stable that are modern yet classic, multi-seasonal, and versatile enough to create a wardrobe for all occasions.



We offer innovative pre-order functionality across many of our brand partnerships, allowing designers to produce pieces as they are ordered. We believe this promotes a more sustainable relationship to your clothes while dramatically reducing over- production and returns.



An appreciation of the natural world is vital to the Showroom-X philosophy, and we passionately advocate for a future where fashion is circular. Showroom-X bases our understanding on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s definition: “Designing out waste, keeping resources and materials in use and regenerating natural systems.”



“We must transform all the elements of the take-make-waste system: how we manage resources, how we make and use products, and what we do with the materials afterwards. Only then can we create a thriving economy that can benefit everyone within the limits of our planet … By designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems we can reinvent everything.” (Ellen MacArthur Foundation)



We are working towards exciting developments in this area, including ways to potentially buy back stock from customers and repurpose through recycling or upcycling, integrating a rental system or customising garments that no longer feel relevant to the consumer’s wardrobe or needs.



This is not to say it will be easy – but we believe these steps are the only viable option for both the future of fashion and the future of our planet.



We are also working on ways to disrupt the relentless discount cycle we currently find ourselves in. As such, Showroom-X does not offer sale discounts on our products. We prefer to encourage our customer to buy less and invest in quality, reinforcing the true value of each garment.



We also do not subscribe to the traditional seasonal calendar. Rather, we choose to curate our platform with trans-seasonal pieces that are not trend-based, and can be loved, worn and styled in different ways over long periods of time.



Showroom-X is committed to continuously learning and improving upon our personal practices surrounding sustainable production and consumption. We pledge to act with honesty and transparency, and endeavour to help solve the fashion industry’s ongoing battle with excess. These won’t be overnight fixes, but we are ardent believers in ‘from little things big things grow’.