Cellular Repair Night Cream - Gentle



The hero product of our Secret Skincare range, customised, to fit those whose skin tends to be on the more sensitive side. For those with sensitive skin, this cream is your answer to delivering the active ingredients that see results only in a gentle manner as to not cause any irritation or to use as stepping stone to help you adjust to our Original Cellular Repair formula. 

This formula 
utilises medical-grade ingredients to increase the rate at which your skins cell turnover. This process effectively treats a range of ageing concerns such as fine lines, pigmentation, melasma, open pore, skin laxity and more.

The rapid rate of cell turnover results in removing the the surface layer of your skin where dull or damaged skin cells have settled to reveal bright, new baby skin cells underneath. You can expect to see healthier, more resilient skin with restored clarity and our coveted Secret glow.


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