Step into the cosmic realm of Aquarius season, where the stars align to inspire not just your actions, but also your wardrobe. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation, and buoyed by the breezy currents of the air element, Aquarians are known for their assertiveness, independence, and humanitarian nature. Represented by the water bearer, the water itself is seen as the "life" Aquarians bring to others. They exhibit originality and eccentricity through their style, opting for out-of-the-box ensembles that are as unique as their ideas. In the world of an Aquarian, fashion is an art form, a canvas where creativity meets originality. Their shopping habits are a reflection of their love for technology, embracing emerging and contemporary designers. Each purchase is a step into the future, a commitment to staying ahead of the curve in both style and ideas.


Your 2024 Aquarius Horoscope


2024 will be filled with romance, excitement, and strong emotional connections. Expect a surge in love and happiness and embrace a new level of closeness in your relationships with opportunity to travel together and strengthen bonds.


Financially, 2024 is predicted to be a highly profitable year for Aquarius individuals. Opportunities for success, growth, and positive changes abound, with Jupiter's auspicious influence contributing to a strengthened financial position, wise investments could lead to significant profits so take a leap, or dip a toe in to build your wealth.


Aquarius individuals are encouraged to adopt a disciplined lifestyle, with emphasis on balanced diets, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep. The year begins on a positive note, and maintaining a healthy routine is crucial to navigate through a hectic work schedule. Remember to prioritise mental well-being, and work to maintain a stress-free environment for health and vitality.



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Key Colours: Purple and blue
Stone: Amethyst

Blues and purples are the key colours that light up an Aquarian as inspired by their birth stone, Amethyst. Calming hues of blues and purples resonate with Aquarians' innate desire for harmony and tranquillity, embodying their unique blend of creativity and intellectual depth. Inject cool tones and colour into your wardrobe this summer in soft fabrics.



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Conscious purchasing

The humanitarian aspect of Aquarians influences their shopping habits. Caring deeply about global issues, justice, and fairness, they gravitate towards sustainable fashion. Their commitment to ethical and locally sourced items, is reflected in their wardrobes, showcasing a beauty that goes beyond superficiality.
Australian clothing brands like Ilio Nema reduce waste with the use of remnant fabrics, and opt to customise locally sourced materials in natural fibres. Working closely with artisanal communities, showcasing traditional practices and support rural development.



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Unique pieces

With an inherent desire for individuality, Aquarians effortlessly curate ensembles that challenge norms, opting for one off pieces that echo their distinctive taste and progressive approach to style. Experiment with texture, fabrics and bold accessories from Sydney based jewellery studio, Sunday Stephens.


As you navigate the celestial currents of Aquarius season, let the stars guide your path not only in matters of love, wealth, and health but also in the realm of style. Embrace the unique, the sustainable, and the visionary, allowing your wardrobe to be a canvas where creativity meets individuality, echoing the essence of the water bearer.