Art Annex

At Showroom-X, we have carefully selected a collection of artworks from emerging Australian artists working in various mediums to make it easier for you to invest in the arts. We strongly believe that art goes beyond mere decoration; it is an investment in creativity and a means of expression.

The Showroom-x Art Annex is an online Art Galley, shipping both Australia wide and internationally. Artworks range from large paintings to intricate sculptures and unique homewares. All pieces are one-of a-kind original artworks for sale, with a limited selection available to view at our Perth Showroom by appointment only.


Showroom-X Art Annex presents artists Henryk, Tan Arlidge, Brodie Neill & Heidi Middleton.
Explore our full range of sculptural and mixed medium artists from around Australia, with commissions available through enquiry.



Showroom-X is delighted to offer personalised commission services with our artists. So, if something doesn't quite fit your needs, we can have it custom-made for you in a timely manner, ensuring your unique vision is brought to life. Contact us to discuss commissioning a piece of your own.