Journalist, editor and content director Katarina Kroslakova is in the business of storytelling. “I love delving into people’s success journeys and re-telling those experiences so others can learn and be inspired.”

Spurred by some negative experiences with the media in her teens, Kroslakova ('KK' for short) took matters into her own hands. “Like every arrogant teenager who thinks they’re invincible, I thought to myself, ‘Hey, I could do better than that…’ I landed my first ever job with the BBC in London and the rest is history. Now, I do my utmost to represent people’s stories with truth, integrity and context.”

Kroslakova is no stranger to multitasking, having helmed AFR’s Life & Leisure and Luxury magazines and starting her own content creation business, Primary Ideas, (among many other roles). Now, she is embarking upon one of her most exciting projects yet – bringing the New York Times’ style magazine, T Magazine, to Australian audiences. “Well, I’m proud to say The New York Times first approached me. We’d had a very successful working relationship for many years through my other jobs, and hopefully they saw something in me that showed them I could bring the T concept to Australia,” she says of her new role as T Australia’s publisher and editor. “Honestly, it’s such an honour to work on this brand. I mean, it’s madness, on a daily basis, and I’m pushing myself and the entire team to find new reserves of energy and creativity. But the reward will be worth it.”

"Professionally, I look up to entrepreneurs and those willing to share their lessons and learnings."

"I share stories, really. I also help other people tell their own stories.”

What can we expect from T Australia’s print and digital platforms?
A strong sense of Australia, and all that entails. I want the brand to be a journal of record of where we’re at as a nation. I want to showcase the best of Australia, from our culture to our fashion, photographed in our unique style. And don’t forget our world-famous sense of humour, too.

What does a standard day look like for you at the moment?
I wake up, begrudgingly, around 5.50am because my two boys, aged 3 and 4, think sleep-ins are over-rated. Then it’s two double-shot coffees for breakfast, pre-school drop offs, and the laptop swings open for webinars, Zooms, commissioning, editing, finance spreadsheets (ugh…). I meet with PRs, advertisers, writers, advisers. Because I’m both Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, my role is incredibly varied. The key thing for me in anything I do in life is to grow and learn. And boy, has this been an epic growth journey!

What do you find most exciting about the current Australian creative landscape?
Thanks to a certain pandemic, we’ve had the most incredible influx of talent, whether it’s people stuck here, or coming back home. We’ve been spoilt for choice putting the magazine together with the best writers, stylists, photographers, models. I think exciting things will come this year from this talent pool.

How would you describe your personal style?
It has, unexpectedly, changed a lot. I was definitely a mix and match girl before I had kids, lots of bling, lots of colour, texture, more is more. Now, I’m literally the opposite. My preferred garment these days is definitely a shirt-dress, which is versatile and elegant. I unashamedly love shoes and handbags, which makes birthdays and Christmas easy for my Italian husband, who has bought half my wardrobe thanks to his impeccable taste.

Who are some of your favourite designers (local and international)?
My youngest son is called Valentino. For a reason. I also adored Karl Lagerfeld. So I have quite a few of both Valentino and Chanel. In fact, I have a vintage Valentino dress that Elizabeth Taylor once owned; I bought it at auction from her estate a few years back. My stylist introduced me to Matin about three years ago when I was doing an Editor’s photo shoot and I fell in love straight away. SIR. is one of the most exciting labels to come from Australia in recent times, I’m excited to see what they do next. And ESSE’s aesthetic speaks to me. I love the silhouettes and beautiful draping. For handbags, my go-to brands are Bottega Veneta, Celine, Proenza Schouler. For shoes, I’m basically a museum of Tom Ford.

Is there a piece from your wardrobe you can’t do without?
I have a rainbow of Nobody jeans – every colour, every fit. I can dress them up with a navy Stella McCartney jacket, and I’m ready for (almost) anything. 

Describe your personal approach to beauty…
Invest in good quality skincare. I do wear make up nearly every day, just because of the nature of my job, and if I start the day (or the night before) with a good, solid skincare routine, I feel better for it.

Who are your idols – professional and personal?
Professionally, I look up to entrepreneurs and those willing to share their lessons and learnings. I like Mark Bouris, he’s got a pragmatic, can-do attitude and doesn’t suffer fools. Personally, I have an incredible group of girlfriends who run their own businesses, and often juggle it all with kids, pets, husbands and well, life. I can complain, commiserate, celebrate, whatever is necessary – and I know it will resonate!

What (or who) else is currently inspiring your world (music, film, art, literature, etc)…
I’m obsessed with good magazine covers at the moment, so I’ve been inspired by the creative teams behind Vanity Fair, The New Yorker of course, The Economist, Empire, TIME. A good cover is a work of art. The Chinese classical pianist Lang Lang has a new album of J.S.Bach’s Goldberg Variations out now, so that’s been my background on repeat.