Late fashion photographer Bill Cunningham once said; “fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” And we’re inclined to agree - what we as a society get from clothing is much more than warmth and protection, but self-expression and empowerment (just to start). But our appetite for newness comes at a cost, with more than 100 billion pieces of clothing made each year. Not to mention the three out of five fast fashion items, and four out of five donated items ending up in landfill. That's a garbage truck's worth of clothing being thrown away every second globally.

The Harmonic is a brand determined to create a more ethical and sustainable fashion landscape. And we’re not alone - Showroom-X shares the same vision, using their luxury digital fashion platform to challenge their clientele to rethink the way they consume fashion. Co-founders, and husband and wife duo, Kelly Atkinson and Richard Poulson, do this by offering high-quality, eco-friendly clothing designed to be worn and cherished for years to come, rather than disposable fast fashion. They advocate an artisanal philosophy for modern dressing, prizing craftsmanship, pure materials and modern heirlooms above all else.

We are proud to announce a new partnership between The Harmonic and Showroom-X which celebrates our joint passion for circular fashion. It will see Showroom-X’s online platform play host to a 200 piece collection of pre-loved high-end garments from The Harmonic. Not only will Showroom-X’s customers be able to purchase these luxury goods gathered from brands across Australia and New Zealand, but the boutique’s clientele will be able to re-sell their used purchases to The Harmonic and create their very own circular wardrobe.

“Integrating with Showroom-X is the next step in our evolution,” say The Harmonic co-founders Libby and Vanessa Robinson. “Our dream has always been to partner with brands, and we've always had such a strong admiration for Kelly and Richard and what they've created. Their sustainability ethos and commitment to championing Australian fashion are incredibly inspirational to us.”

For Showroom-X, the feeling is mutual. “The integration is another milestone in our sustainability journey,” explains Kelly. “We've always wanted to add a circular element to our business. We chose to partner with The Harmonic because they are a brand that shares our values and vision for circular fashion, and we admire their unique approach and elevated response to pre-loved fashion.”

The partnership is a joining of forces that can help to make real change in the industry, and draw attention to circular fashion as a whole. Explains Kelly; “By working together, we can positively impact the fashion industry and educate consumers on a new way to view their wardrobes and think about how they purchase. Our shared goal is to create a future where fashion is not only beautiful but also responsible.”

“Circular fashion is the future of our industry”, continues Richard. “We believe that the way forward is for all fashion businesses to adopt a circular model, which minimises waste and maximises the value of our resources. Our partnership with The Harmonic will enable us to add value in promoting sustainable and responsibly consumed fashion. Together, we can make a real difference and inspire others to follow suit.”

Both we at the The Harmonic and Showroom-X believe that a circular economy and changing perceptions around second-hand fashion are crucial to alleviating some of the woes associated with the planet’s second dirtiest industry, fashion. Circular fashion in particular offers a chance to look beyond the industry’s current systems which merely alleviate the harm caused by lowering emissions and instead create a systematic overhaul of fashion as we know it, addressing the issues like resource use, pollution, convoluted supply chains, untenable consumption and production rates for good.