Discover the designers behind the Thread Together x WeWearAustralian looks, and the inspiration for their pieces.

Thread Together a non-for-profit, founded on keeping clothing in circulation, providing an ethical response to fashion excess.

Highlighting this important mission, reCOUTURE is a unique collaboration between
Thread Together, #WeWearAustralian and Afterpay.

ReCOUTURE reimagines the life of excess men's suits; recycling and repurposing the surplus into couture runway pieces.

Alix Higgins

"There is a whole story in the collection of garments twisted, turned, redraped or backwards. This was the starting point, using simple interventions to reinvent, printing the oversized tailoring with poetry from the collection."

Alix Higgins - ALIX HIGGINS


"Creating something beautiful; from the excess men's suiting I felt a responsibility to showcase a commitment towards sustainability. My piece tells a unique story of transformation, paying homage to the male suit in a new feminine silhouette."

Lucinda Taffs - AUTEUR

Bec & Bridge

"We continued our exploration of modern suiting that balances contemporary femininity with a touch of grunge. The silhouettes are reminiscent of our upcoming BEC + BRIDGE High Summer 23/24 collection."

Design Team - BEC & BRIDGE

Bianca Spender

“Men’s suiting is the foundation of modern dressing. Transforming a man’s tuxedo into a mini dress is the ultimate world of masculine meets feminine. It is always inspiring to transform an object from something that is considered waste into a gem.”

Bianca Spender - BIANCA SPENDER

ESSE Studios

"I have always been influenced by age-old techniques and, more specifically, tailoring. My natural signature always pays homage to menswear and an appreciation for the refined details of the gentleman’s wardrobe.

To see this workmanship, these tailored beauties simply discarded can be heartbreaking. Breathing new life into these pieces, reworking the waste, and reappropriating it into something new is part of the ‘M.O’ of ESSE.

It’s a commitment to being creative with the resources we have available, that would have otherwise gone to waste."

Charlotte Hicks - ESSE Studios

Ginger & Smart

"This look is a celebration of Ginger & Smart's heritage and future vision, embodying the essence of our brand's evolution. It combines the artistry of pleating and the elegance of deconstructed tailoring, which have been featured in many of our past collections and runway shows.

This upcycled piece represents the harmonious blend of masculine and feminine elements that lies at the core of our identity, and expresses our commitment to creating sustainable timeless pieces with a contemporary twist."

Genevieve Smart - GINGER & SMART

Jordan Gogos

"My Thread Together piece is a reflection of understanding; I am driven to understand what the future of waste looks like and how industrial machines can aid in the process of recycling fashion waste. This is reflected through the materiality of my piece, which has features layered, stitched and manipulated to create a unique form."

Jordan Gogos - JORDAN GOGOS


"Butterfly patches were chosen to communicate the butterfly effect within the chaos theory. That is, a possibility that small changes can cause large differences. 

I hope to have non-linear sustainable inclusive impacts on a complex fashion system. It is hoped that the kimbralou major look suit can contribute to a growth-oriented mindset of continual evolution that will be clearly accelerated by this reCOUTURE initiative. 

The things that change the world, according to Chaos theory, are the tiny things like a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a tornado."

Kimbra Jelich - KIMBRALOU

Mariam Seddiq

"With sustainability being such a core part of our day-to-day process, this challenge came naturally to me and was so much fun.

For this look, I took inspiration from the timeless craftsmanship of mens’ tailoring. Breathing new life into original pieces by creating a structured, feminine silhouette. It is both a testament to artistry and sustainability."

Mariam Seddiq - MARIAM SEDDIQ

Nobody Denim

"Our look features a pleated trouser, cropped blazer and denim bralette, created out of one men’s suit and three denim seconds, all handmade by our machinists in our East Brunswick factory.

We utilised waistbands from jeans, and panels were created from jean legs, minimising waste as much as possible.

We were inspired by oversized tailoring and wanted to create a look that had maximum impact on the runway but also simple and wearable, in keeping with our brand values and aesthetics."

Leanne Harris - NOBODY DENIM

Relax Remade

"The hats are patchworked together from pieces of deconstructed suit jackets and pants. I wanted to preserve the considerable craftsmanship involved in the making of these original pieces by highlighting some of the finer details, such as welt pockets, peak lapels, belt loops, external pocket flaps, internal chest pocket detailing, and lining materials.

I didn’t want my pieces to be covert remakes. I wanted their heritage to be unmistakable."

Karina Barker - RELAX REMADE

Palma Martin

"Consciously, I knew I wanted to create something that was wearable, exploring the idea of longevity by giving it a newness and a soul. Recently I've been researching visible mending as a way to extend life as well as individualise a garment. As an extension to this idea comes transformation - taking these strong and traditional silhouettes and giving them a new femininity through soft lines and paneling, so they can appeal to a different wearer."

Palmina Martin - PALMA MARTIN