We’re thrilled to welcome artist Daimon Downey to the Showroom-X Art Annex. This talented Sydney-based artist has captivated audiences with their unique style and vibrant creations, along with some iconic collaborations to enjoy his art in many forms.

In this Q&A interview, we delve into the heart of their creative journey, exploring the inspirations that sparked their passion, the evolution of their artistic vision, and the profound moments that have shaped their perspective. Join us as we uncover the fascinating stories behind Downey’s work and gain insight into the mind of an artist who is redefining boundaries and making a significant impact in the contemporary art scene.


  Q&A with Artist Daimon Downey



What first sparked your passion for art, and how has that initial inspiration evolved over time?

Daimon: My parents were very supportive when it came to my decision to pursue the arts from a very early age. We had a lot of freedom to be ourselves, and I guess that translates to being free to evolve. Youth is the pillar of experimentation, and knowledge is refinement. I think I'm in the middle at the moment.


Q. Can you share a specific moment or experience that profoundly influenced your artistic style or perspective?

Daimon: Mondrian and Miró were my heroes growing up. I began to trace around and overlap objects in my bedroom on paper and colour in between. It had this 80s board shorts vibe from what I can remember, but knowing that abstract was a thing gave me a buzz. It wasn't technically difficult, so a kid could have a blast and see results.



Q. How do you navigate the balance between staying true to your artistic vision and adapting to evolving trends or influences?

Daimon: Artworks tend to run their own lives and are free from the shackles of what's hot right now. Sometimes the world catches up to a certain feeling that an artist might be creating, and a frenzy for that feeling might occur, but generally, I march to my own drum.


Q. What role does experimentation play in your creative process, and how do you approach pushing the boundaries of your work?

Daimon: It's all a messed up, beautiful, crazy experiment! Play is the ultimate reward, and boundaries pushed are just markers of better ideas.


Q. Are there particular themes, emotions, or concepts that consistently inspire your artistic expression?

Daimon: Happiness is my agenda! Artworks are windows on walls, and I hope to give you a view that brings pleasure and escape from all the chaos outside our doors. You deserve to be surrounded by beautiful things.



Q. Can you describe a piece or project that challenged you the most, and what did you learn from that experience?

Daimon: My introduction to collage was based on a budget restraint for a restaurant commission installation. Due to the massive size of the project, a painting of that size was going to blow the budget, so I thought the space could be filled with 46 individual posters.


Q. What advice would you give to emerging artists looking to find their unique voice and make an impact in the Australian art world?

Daimon: The doing of things has to be constant; momentum is your superpower. Meet people, show people, tell people what you are doing. Work hard, but don't die from it—it has to be fun. They say to be truly recognized, you must create a look and live by that till the end. I say forget that or die of boredom. Try everything, touch everything, you will surprise yourself with new abilities. Your first solo shows should be independent. Say yes to collaborations. There is no money in being too cool. Selling out is buying in. Love what you make. Document everything in printable high resolution. Picasso said, "You are only a painter when you are painting." So get cracking.


Q. In what ways do you believe the fusion of art and fashion can spark innovation and inspire fresh ideas within both industries?

Daimon: Art, fashion, and music are in a three-way love affair and have been since the dawn of humankind. They feed and eat each other at the same time. Pick a decade, and you will see the collision. Each subculture is dancing, wearing, and mark-making in the way that they interpret the world. We morph and adapt and morph again, and designers, artists, and musical minds create and innovate the necessary safe places for people to fit in and feel seen.




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Image credits: Declan Blackall 
www.declanblackall.com @declanblackall