Embrace the season of Taurus, where celestial guidance merges with earthly pleasures, enriching not just the essence of your being but also the tapestry of your wardrobe. Venus, the goddess of beauty, showers her gifts upon Taureans, bestowing a sense of artistry and a penchant for comfort that's reflected in every thread worn. The Bull, symbolising Taurus, stands steadfast and strong, encouraging fashion choices that are as enduring as they are enchanting. In the Taurus wardrobe, luxury meets practicality; every piece is an investment in timeless elegance and tactile delight, echoing their love for the finer things in life.


Grounded in the element of Earth, Taurus is the embodiment of strength, stability, and steadfast loyalty. This sign revels in the sensual and enjoys the tactile, finding comfort in the consistency of well-crafted belongings. With a disposition that is at once passionate and patient, Taureans approach life with a calm determination and a preference for a measured pace, savouring each moment. Their artistic and compassionate nature often makes them the connoisseurs of beauty and comfort, be it in their environment or attire. Reliability may be their hallmark, but a Taurus's personality also has deep wells of affection, creativity, and an unwavering sense of purpose.

Your Taurus Horoscope 2024


The stars forecast a year where love deepens, nurtured by the earthy charm of Taurus. Relationships will bloom under the tender care of Jupiter and Mars, flourishing with commitment and deep, rooted connections that withstand the test of time.



Prosperity arrives with the grace of Jupiter after May, heralding a period where financial aspirations align with the stars. Taureans will find their meticulous planning rewarded, as investments and personal indulgences alike bring joy and closeness with loved ones.



2024 beckons with a call to balance, reminding Taureans that the pursuit of well-being is a journey of moderation. While steadfast in work and passions, remember that the truest luxury is health, warranting a dedication to harmonious living.


Key Colours: Deep Green
Stone: Emerald

In the rich and earthy palette of Taurus, deep green stands as a testament to their affinity with nature and growth. It's a colour that energises Taureans, reminding them of the lushness of spring, their own season of renewal. Adorning oneself with shades of deep green and the regal emerald not only connects them to Mother Nature's bounty but also to the luxury and prosperity these stones symbolise. The emerald, a stone of wisdom and patience, is said to invigorate the Taurus spirit, encouraging a release of stubbornness and fostering tranquillity and balance.


Bianca Spender’s latest collection is a fusion of softly draped silks and elegant silhouettes in earth tones infused with bursts of deep green to perfectly encapsulate the essence of Taurus inspired styling. Radiate your passionate (and stubborn) energy with Hansen + Gretel’s Susannah Knit in Red Gradient that wraps around your body, hugging all the right places in gorgeous rich earth tones that bring an understated vibrancy to your wardrobe. A the height of understated elegance we turn to Jasmin Sparrow jewellery, crafted from the finest recycled metals, this New Zealand designer creates the ultimate everyday treasures.



Bianca Spender
Leaf Chiffon Ibiza Gown

Jasmin Sparrow
Everyday Hoops Large

Hansen + Gretel
Susannah Knit Red Gradient

Essence of Elegance

For the Taurus, elegance is more than an aesthetic—it's a deeply rooted sensibility that mirrors their own reliable and luxurious nature. This season, fashion for Taurus transcends the visual, becoming a tactile experience that whispers of opulence and comfort in equal measure. The Taurean wardrobe is a curated collection of items that embody luxury in every fibre, crafted from fabrics that caress the skin and soothe the soul. These pieces speak in the language of sumptuous textures and rich, inviting colours, forming a narrative that weaves together the sensual and the chic. It's here, in the harmony of practicality and plushness, that Taurus’s signature style of understated sophistication truly comes to life, creating an allure that is both seen and felt.


Esse Studios stands as a pillar of the embodiment of elegance. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted in Sydney from the highest quality fabrics that stand the test of time as the antidote to trends. If you’re considering dipping your toe in the world of prints and patterns, but don’t want it to be unwearable in 6 months time? Esse Studios Short Sleeve Silk Shirt in Golden Linka is a timeless and subtle pattern that will remain your wardrobe staple for years to come.  Compliment any occasion with the perfect black trousers like the  SIR. Leonardo Tailored Trouser that have a high waist and wide leg to flatter any body shape and pair perfectly with a pointed or open toe shoe.




Timeless Textiles

Taurus takes comfort in the enduring, seeking out wardrobe staples that withstand the ever changing flow of fleeting fashions. In a world of ephemeral trends, Taureans anchor themselves with timeless textiles—fabrics that not only last but also mature beautifully with time. They favour classic silhouettes that complement their steadfast nature, from the crisply tailored lines of a well-cut blazer to the soft drape of a cashmere throw. These are the textiles that resonate with the Taurus spirit, offering durability, style, and an enduring appeal that mirrors their own unshakeable resolve. In this pursuit of the perennially stylish, Taurus builds a wardrobe not just for the season, but for the ages, a sartorial testament to their love for the lasting and the reliable.

An elegant style comes from a selection of high-quality fabrics and wardrobe staples that can be worn time again in a plethora of different combinations. Esse Studios Modus Stripe Blazer uses a tonal matte and sheen stripe fabric sourced from Prato, Italy to reimagine a wardrobe staple. Winter is coming and everyone needs a cosy knit that transitions from cold days at home to lunch out with friends or a full day in the office. The unrivalled brand when looking for a luxury knit is Wolfgang Scout. With a focus on sustainability, they created handwoven super-soft knits from Australian Merino wool and engaged in practices to minimise waste and water usage. Not only do these knits feel amazing to the touch, but they also feel good to the soul as this philanthropic centred brand outsources to educate and employ women into the workforce to create these garments.




Esse Studios
Modus Stripe Blazer

Wolfgang Scout
Handknit Raglan Ladder Sweater

Harris Tapper
Long Jas Skirt




Curating your space


Taurus are drawn to artwork that reflects both the serenity and richness of their earthy nature. They find beauty in classic pieces that exude a timeless elegance, art that captures the lush tranquillity of pastoral scenes or the sturdy grace of natural landscapes.

The tactile nature of a Taurus leads them to appreciate art with a textural depth, such as robust paintings where they can almost feel the stroke of the brush on canvas. Cassi George’s Earthquake depicts the chaotic energy of mother nature with a flow state of colour and bold brushstrokes. Artworks in shades of verdant green or the soft lustre of emerald, their stone, would resonate deeply, celebrating the Taurus’s love for nature’s palette and the symphony of life’s simple, yet luxurious pleasures. Henryks Strokes series in limited edition Showroom-X colours invites a moment of quiet reflection with rich texture that appears soft to the touch like the earth itself. Taurus may also be attracted to sculptures made from marble or wood, materials that embody the solidity and permanence they cherish. Sculptural artist OneStone handcrafts artisanal homewares, vessels and furniture from up-cycled Sydney sandstone to create one-of-a-kind artworks to adorn your home and bring nature in. Explore his collection Dear Motherland of marbled natural stone vases created from Hawkesbury Sandstone which geologists date to be up to 20 million years old, introducing an item with this much history into your home brings rich energy into the space.



As you step through Taurus season, let the celestial sphere infuse your life with growth, power, and a touch of indulgence. In your wardrobe, find the balance between timeless luxury and earth-bound comfort, crafting a style that's as reliable as it is ravishing. With the stars as your guide, fashion becomes more than fabric—it's the crafting of a legacy, a testament to Taurus's unwavering strength and refined taste.


Image credit: Jaap Strijker